Tim Brown Singer/Guitarist


Give a listen! 5-23-13 Libby and Dad on the deck singing "You've Got a Friend."

Tim Brown has put the time in...over 30 years as a performing singer/guitarist. Two successful CDs, opening for national acts, broadcast performances, and performing over 150 shows per year, all point to a well-seasoned professional who understands performance and audience.TimLargeheadshot1

You can hear his folk-rock influences (Dylan, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, and Cat Stevens); in addition, Brown delves into other genres: from 20s fingerstyle blues to showtunes; Bill Monroe to Sinatra; and Mississippi John Hurt to Rogers and Hammerstein.

Brown is a proficient fingerstyle guitarist playing an Olson small jumbo acoustic guitar made by Jim Olson (luthier to James Taylor) of Circle Pines, Minnesota. He performs through a Bose amplification system for an amazingly balanced sound that never leaves the audience fighting to hear themselves or the music.

Brown's guitar profiency reflects a long career; however, it is his rich baritone voice that most people remember. Brown's adaptable vocal range can season a famous cover tune with hints of that performer's voice, while maintaining his own distinct style.

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